AnTuTu Users Name Best Android Phones In China In March 2017


AnTuTu, one of the top Android benchmarking platforms on the market, has released a graph showing what its users in China consider to be the country's top 10 best Android phones. The ranking is done with a metric called applause rate, which is the number of five-star user reviews of the phone from AnTuTu users divided by the total number of reviews. Essentially, it's designed to show what percentage of a smartphone's owner base thinks that their phone is a premium device, though this particular applause rate metric is limited to users of AnTuTu's famed benchmarking suite. One could argue that this survey says more about the enthusiast camp in the Chinese smartphone market than it does about any of these phones, but regardless, its results can be seen below.

The applause rate tops out at 95.66 percent for the top ten smartphones in the country among AnTuTu users, and never dips below 90.28 percent. The big winner for this round was the OnePlus 3 that was followed by the massive Xiaomi Mi Max that boasted an applause rate of 94.50 percent. The Meizu PRO 6 Plus scored the third spot, with a somewhat more distant 93.12-percent applause rate. The drop from there to the fourth place where the Xiaomi Mi MIX resides was far less drastic, with 92.98 percent of owners lauding the unique, but also relatively fragile device. Somewhat surprisingly, the power-packed OnePlus 3T rounds out the top five with a score of 92.60 percent, making it apparently not quite as well-loved among its owners as the device that directly preceded it

The Huawei Mate 9 nabs sixth place, losing to the OnePlus 3T by a hair and netting a 92.52-percent applause rating. Huawei's Honor 8 is close behind its bigger sibling, with a 92.05-percent rating locking it into seventh place. Xiaomi's Redmi Note 3, one of the most unique-looking devices in its lineup, grabbed eighth place with its 91.29-percent rating, but its sequel is curiously absent from the chart that can be seen below. Despite the Redmi Note 4 not making a showing, Xiaomi manages to grab spots nine and ten, with the Mi 5s Plus and the Mi 5 getting an applause rate of 90.73 percent and 90.28 percent, respectively.


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