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If you happen to be super self-conscious about your looks, Amazon's latest camera offering may be a great addition to your home. The company's new Echo Look assistant isn't just a camera, either. The product, which was introduced via the online retail giant's site on April 26th, is specifically designed to assist users with getting their wardrobe and appearance oriented. It even uses fashion-conscious A.I. to provide opinions about that. Unfortunately, the $200 device is only available with an invite as of this writing. However, users can visit the product page at the source link below to request one.

The idea behind the Echo Look isn't necessarily new. It is effectively a way to bring the full-length mirror and advice on personal aesthetics, a role previously filled by a person's friends and family, into the modern era. The full-length mirror aspect of the device is delivered in the form of a camera with depth-sensing capabilities. That camera features an advanced flash system thanks to the sensor being surrounded by four LEDs. The smartphone-based application used to control and interact with Echo Look allows users to take short videos and photos from various angles, as well as featuring a complex background blurring tool to help a user really see whether that outfit is "popping" the way they want it to. In place of the people you might normally ask about an outfit, hairstyle, or combination of the two, Echo Look has a feature called Style Check.

The device uses the same A.I. and machine learning algorithms found inside the company's other smart home products, in conjunction with advice and feedback from fashion experts. In addition to gauging your look and helping you decide between several outfits, it can also offer advice on the latest trends and which of those trends may suit you based on what you already wear. Of course, Amazon says that users will still be able to create a "lookbook" and share photos as well. So you can still get extra input from warm-bodied people if you want it. Although Echo Look is designed to be a personal fashion assistant, that isn't all it can do since it features Alexa. In fact, as the name would imply, it can actually function just like another similarly named piece of Amazon hardware. That means it can "read the news and audio books, set alarms, get traffic and weather updates, control smart home devices, and play music." It already has access to thousands of "skills" and Amazon says it will continue to add more, just as the company will continue adding for its other smart home assistants.

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