Allstate Roadside Assistance Comes to T-Mobile's SyncUP DRIVE

T-Mobile's OBDII dongle, SyncUP DRIVE, which essentially turns your car into a mobile hotspot while also giving you some other important data, just got even better. On Tuesday, T-Mobile announced that SyncUP DRIVE now has Allstate Roadside Assistance available for all users, and it's free. This is for both existing users of SyncUP DRIVE and those who may be buying it in the near future. What this means is that if you encounter trouble while you're on the road and you need a tow truck, or help with your engine, Allstate is there to help you out. And with SyncUP DRIVE, Allstate should have your location, making it even easier to find you.

SyncUP DRIVE was announced back in November and is actually made by ZTE, but it is an ODM device, which means their branding is nowhere in the name or on the actual product. In addition to giving users a Wi-Fi hotspot on wheels, it also can analysis the driver's behavior, as well as vehicle and location monitoring, speed alerts and perhaps the most important thing is vehicle diagnostics. Since the SyncUP DRIVE is connected to your vehicle's computer, through the ODBII port, it can decipher the reasoning behind the check engine light being on in your car. So you can resolve the issue yourself without going to a mechanic.

T-Mobile customers can pick up the SyncUP DRIVE dongle from the Un-carrier for just $48, typically it would cost around $149 as it does at AT&T (under a different name though). You have the option of paying the full price, or signing up for a finance agreement which will charge you $2/month for 24 months, as long as you have a data plan of 2GB or more per month. It'll be added to your account as an additional line. So you could theoretically give the SyncUP DRIVE unlimited data for a mobile hotspot, through T-Mobile ONE. Definitely a good idea for those that do a lot of driving around, and could use that extra data for things like streaming music, navigation and such. You can check out the SyncUP DRIVE from the link below.

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