Acer Unveiled A 360 Camera That Makes Voice Calls

Acer Unveiled a 360 camera that can make voice calls. It's called the Holo 360 and it's a 360-degree camera first, but it also has 4G LTE connectivity and runs on Android with the ability to essentially work a smartphone if the user desires. While most 360-degree cameras will have the capability to connect to Wi-Fi and/or a smart mobile device like a smartphone or tablet, they still require that connection to the internet through the means of another source, basically piggy backing on another connection. The Holo 360 foregoes this drawback and lets the user interact with the device's functions all without needing to be tethered to another device in any way. It can stand on its own two feet.

While not technically available at the moment, the Holo 360 is eventually going to be capable of 3D depth, though Acer didn't elaborate on that particular functionality as they mention that "they're not quite there yet," which suggests it's still in development. That should make sense since the camera itself seems to still be in development as well. Acer also doesn't give much detail about the device in regards to other features, and they make absolutely no mention of specifications at this point.

It's clear that the camera runs on Android and it has a touchscreen display on the front of it that sits below the camera sensor, but beyond the ability to make voice calls and work with the photo and video editing options, Acer doesn't say whether or not it will be capable of being used like any other Android device with full Play Store compatibility and a similar set of functions, though if it runs on Android and it can make voice calls there is a good chance that it will. Right now Acer hasn't shared any details on pricing and availability, which means it's unclear when and where they're planning to launch the Holo 360 for consumers. In regards to the price, Acer does tend to offer things at a more affordable cost with many of their products, but with this being a 360-degree camera that has smartphone capabilities, it isn't likely to be dirt cheap, though that also doesn't mean it will be extremely expensive.

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