Zent App Seeks To Facilitate Lifestyle Rentals Services

The problems associated with renting a wide variation of lifestyle products may now be solved, thanks to a new service and a related Android app from Zent Technologies. One problem faced by many people trying to feed an urge for adventure is that rentals are not always available. A person's exact location previously played a huge role in that. Not all areas have rental locations for the various equipment people might want to make use of. Additionally, people are often forced to get equipment from several different rental services. If you've ever tried to rent ski equipment, golf clubs, or a bicycle, you know how difficult it can be to get the rental you want in a way that is actually convenient. That problem has been amplified by subtle shifts in consumerism. People no longer want to be forced to buy or maintain all of the equipment necessary for some activities. Zent seeks to provide a unique solution to all of those problems.

The service allows users to rent equipment for a number of activities for a daily fee. Rental equipment is conveniently divided into several categories including skis and snowboards, electric skateboards, bikes, drones, GoPro cameras, virtual reality hardware, portable kayaks, paddle boards, tennis rackets, golf equipment, laptops, and camping gear. Gift cards are also available for purchase, in addition to a final section titled "Something else?" which allows users to suggest new categories. Rentals from the service are shipped to users, with details about how and when to return the item provided by the company. Shipping, both to and from Zent, is covered by the rental cost. For items related to group activities, custom bundles are also available. If you want to go camping you can get just enough equipment to go, whether you plan to go as a group or by yourself, and the bundle will include tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, and sleeping pads. However, it is important to note that a few items on Zent such as bikes and snowboards are only available for pickup in specific locations. That limitation could easily change in the future as more and more users start using the service.

All things considered, Zent Technologies appears to be on track to solve a problem that may seem to have always existed but for which previous solutions have not been very efficient. You can download Zent from the Google Play Store by following the link below.

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