You Can Now Pre-Order The Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus At AT&T

Samsung Galaxy S8 S8 Plus Hands On AH 76

AT&T is now accepting pre-orders for the brand new Samsung Galaxy S8 and its larger contemporary, the Galaxy S8 Plus. As a result, those looking to be one of the first to secure an AT&T Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus can now do so. Pre-Orders are now live via the carrier’s website and shipping is expected to begin when the two smartphones become generally available to buy through AT&T, on April 21.

AT&T were one of the first carriers to initially announce its intention to carry the two new smartphones, following the official reveal by Samsung. Therefore, the pricing and availability details had already been announced and confirmed. To recap those details though, the Galaxy S8 pre-ordered through AT&T Next will cost $25 per month on a 30-month basis. While those looking to secure a Galaxy S8 through AT&T Next Every Year will be looking at paying $31.25 per month on a 24-month basis. The full retail cost of the Galaxy S8 through AT&T is listed as $750. In contrast, the Galaxy S8 Plus via AT&T Next comes in at $28.34 per month on a 30-month basis and at $35.42 per month on a 24-month basis, via AT&T Next Every year. Likewise, the full retail cost of the Galaxy S8 Plus is $100 more than the standard Galaxy S8, as it is priced at $850.

Similar to most carriers, AT&T is also promoting a number of perks to ordering through with them. The first is that anyone pre-ordering the Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus will be also receive a free Gear VR headset. This is the newer Gear VR headset which comes with its own dedicated controller. Likewise, AT&T will also be offering up to $750 in credits to buyers of a Galaxy S8 (or S8 Plus) smartphone. These credits can then be used against the purchase of an additional Galaxy S8 (or S8 Plus) smartphone. For those who only require one Galaxy S8 smartphone, buyers will also have the option of picking up a Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch for $49 or alternatively, picking up either the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch or the Samsung Tab E tablet for only $0.99. Although, the Samsung Gear S3/Samsung Gear S2/Samsung Tab E deals will be dependent on a 2-year service agreement. You can find out more about the Samsung Galaxy S8, the Galaxy S8 Plus, and why you should order through AT&T by heading through the link below.

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