Video: Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Features You Should Know About

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus have been announced today and they are packed full of features that you should know about. Samsung always puts a lot of thought into the design of their devices, but nowhere more than their displays. Samsung is calling it their “Infinity Display” as it has a bezel-less edge that takes up more than 80 percent of the front of the phone, with very small bezels at the top and bottom. Gone is the physical Home button that is now embedded in the display, as are the Recent and Back keys that are now customizable. The screen looks like it melts into the back of the device giving the display a larger look to it and a great way to grip the device. The Galaxy S8 / Galaxy S8 Plus will be available in Midnight Black, the all-new Orchid Gray, Coral Blue, Arctic Silver, and Maple Gold depending on what region you purchase your device.

Samsung renamed their TouchWiz UI to UX in order to distinguish it from the past complaints about the heavy-handed TouchWiz. The new UX is designed to make everything flow to give you a “unified experience.” The default wallpaper of the Always-On Display compliments the color of your phone. The new icons are unique to Samsung, and the new vertical swiping interface makes moving through the app screens easier. With the new Infinity Display you get to see more on each screen, which means less swiping. New ringtones help ring in the new Galaxy S8 / Galaxy S8 Plus branded sound called “Over the Horizon” seem to sing just right with the new design.

While the primary camera is the same as the one in the Galaxy S7 models with the software upgraded to improve your picture quality. The 12MP dual pixel lens with an aperture of f/1.7 takes great low-light pictures. The front-facing camera (FFC) has increased in size to 8MP and now includes an autofocus capability to provide even better selfies and video chatting. Automated stickers and stamps can be applied to images when taking photos right from within the camera app. Taking pictures and adjusting them has never been easier with the new software and features.


Samsung is including their own brand of artificial intelligence assistant called Bixby. While it is constantly being refined (it learns on its own), you can tell it to adjust your display brightness, take a selfie, show you the latest photos, create an album or a new story, or even connect with your big screen TV. Samsung’s new DeX allows users of the Galaxy S8 series to connect seamlessly from the phone to a computer screen where you can have access to your apps, browse the web, and send messages. DeX supports mouse and keyboard inputs and allows you to adjust the size of the window on your display. It is compatible with Microsoft Office and Adobe mobile app suite. Samsung has upped the ante with its security by including Iris and Face Recognition so fast only a quick glance with unlock your device. The Galaxy S8 series will have a Secure Folder and Samsung Pass that will allow you to easily log into your banking apps. Samsung Connect is also built-in to connect to compatible Internet of Things (IoT) to control lights, play music, adjust the thermostat, etc.