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Robot vacuums are proving to be an increasingly popular product category recently. Which is not surprising when you consider that as the technology has evolved, their ability to be able to assist with keeping the house clean has improved. Not to mention that as the category has expanded to include more manufacturers, the price of robot vacuums has also stabilized at a lower rate. Which means that whatever your budget is, there is an option for you to consider. In fact, right now GearBest has a sale ongoing for a number of low priced vacuums. While these are already at low prices, you can save even more by using various coupon codes. Add to that, most, if not all, of these are available to ship from the US warehouse.

ILIFE V7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Up first is the ILIFE V7 robot vacuum cleaner. This is a robot cleaner which comes equipped with a 2,600 mAh battery which should allow the ILIFE V7 to clean uninterrupted for two hours at a time. This one is Bluetooth-enabled and so it is compatible with the company's Android app for an even more fine-tuned and controlled robot cleaning experience. This particular robot vacuum is currently available to buy from GearBest for $123.99. However, using coupon code ILIFEV7LAA will bring the price down to only $119.99.


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ILIFE X5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Up next is the ILIFE X5 robotic vacuum Cleaner, which again comes ready to assist in all your home cleaning duties. This one has the ability to make use of four different learning modes, is designed to operate while omitting a much lower level of sound compared to other cleaners and comes equipped with a 2,600 mAh battery. In terms of the price, this one can currently be picked up for $137.50, although using coupon code GB3RDdgh will bring this one down to only $99.99. Making it an ideal solution for those looking for a very affordable robot vacuum cleaner.


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ILIFE V1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Although, if you do want an even cheaper robot cleaner, then the ILIFE V1 robotic vacuum cleaner is one to check out, as this one is priced well below $100. For that money, the functionality on offer with this one is not quite to the same level as the others, although it certainly will keep your home clean and dirt-free. This is designed to be a compact cleaner and comes with a very slim design. Which does also help to ensure that it can fit into the places that other units might struggle with. Like for instance, under the sofa, the bed, chairs, and so on. In terms of the price, this one can already be picked up for only $79.99. However, using coupon code GB3RD3ey will bring the price down to a rock bottom $69.99.


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ILIFE A4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Last up, we have the ILIFE A4 robot vacuum cleaner. This one is slightly more expensive than the rest, but is the best overall value option as it comes packed with a ton of features. This one will of course take care of all your cleaning, but also comes with a design that ensures it operates at a low volume. Likewise, the suction on the ILIFE A4 is significantly stronger than a number of other options, so you can expect a better clean the first time round. In fact, this one even comes with its own remote control for an even easier ability to control, set the timers, and manage. The ILIFE A4 is currently available to buy through GearBest for only $159.99. Although, using coupon code ILIFEA4LA will bring that price down to only $119.99


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