SolSol Hat Uses Solar Energy to Charge Your Phone

Gone are the days of going around town and scrambling for a wall outlet after realizing your phone is almost out of juice. Welcome to the new future where the clothing we wear will charge our phones. That’s the aim at Unique Creative Ideas after releasing its solar powered hat, SolSol. The company has released its device charging baseball cap for $56 and comes in a variety of colors. It's made of 100% cotton and has a snap-back for a one size for all fit. The hat contains small solar panels on the brim of the hat (don't bend it the company warns) that can put out 125mA-350mA of electricity. The back of the hat contains the charging port for your cable that runs down to your phone.

So just how effective is the charger you may ask. As stated before the SolSol puts outs about 125mA-350mA, by comparison, a wall outlet put outs around 1,000mA. If it takes you two hours to charge your phone via the wall outlet, you can expect three to four hours to charge your phone from 0%. It’s not the most powerful source, but in a pinch, it will provide you with some extra juice. It will charge anything that has a USB plug, which includes Android, iPhone 5 and 6, iPad2, headphones and more. However, if you have an iPhone 7 or device running iOS10 this is not for you. It’s also worth noting that the SolSol is not water-proof, but it is water resistant, so don’t go swimming with it.

SolSol was created by Unique Creative Ideas whose founders, Edward and Paul, delivering software, technology, and solution products for companies that include Hot Wheels, He-Man, and The Original Grip Ball. The SolSol is the first product of many to come designed to deliver safe SOLar SOLutions for the everyday person at an affordable price, which happens to be their mission. This isn’t the first clothing wearable technology announced recently as Google and Levi announced details at an SXSW party this past weekend. It’s $350 Commuter Trucker Jacket will allow users to control their phones using a three by three patch on the sleeve.

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