Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus Video Hands-On

Samsung Galxy S8 Hands On AH 1

Earlier today, Samsung took to the stage during its Unpacked event to introduce the newest Galaxy S smartphones, the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus. Following which, we were able to get a little hands-on time with the two devices and check them out in closer detail. We have already taken a closer look at the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus in picture form. However, if you would like more of an insight into what is on offer with the two newest smartphones from Samsung, then you might want to check out our hands-on video below.

Like a number of recent high-profile smartphones (the most recent of which being the LG G6), Samsung has gone down the bezel route with the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. That is, down the remove-as-much-of-the-bezels-as-possible route. Which does mean that like the G6, these are smartphones which come with a clear emphasis on the screen – an emphasis which brings with it two notable aspects. The first is that both variants of the Galaxy S8 come with a larger than usual (by Galaxy S standards) display with the smaller smartphone (the Galaxy S8) boasting a 5.8-inch display and the larger model boasting a 6.2-inch display. However, the second notable point is that while increasing the screen surface space, Samsung has tried to ensure that the device does not feel much bigger than most other devices, and it doesn’t. While the display has increased, the general size of the smartphone has remained (relatively speaking) the same.

However, this has resulted in a number of knock-on changes. So for instance, any and all front panel buttons (including the home button) have now been removed, with the likes of the fingerprint sensor making its way to the rear of the device. Although, this has also allowed Samsung to play about more with the software and in removing the buttons, Samsung has not only introduced an always-on home button beneath the screen, but also a greater ability to customize the virtual buttons. Changes, which in one way or another, keep coming back to that included QHD+ Super AMOLED display. Check out the video below for more details.