Samsung Exynos Tweet Teases 8895 Dual Camera Support

Dual ISP Cameras Galaxy S8 tweet

Rumors about a dual-camera Samsung Galaxy S8 have both come and practically gone as leaked pictures finally hone in on what many assume to be the final look of the device. However, a tweet today from the official Samsung Exynos Twitter account concerning their Exynos 8895 processors, is both exciting and confusing. It is clearly advertising Dual ISP (Image Signal Processor) capabilities, while showing the back of what could only be a Samsung device with dual cameras and a title that states “Engineered to unleash creativity.” The title is “Take great pictures. #Eynos8895 with #DualISP for #DualCamera.” The new Galaxy S8 series is slated to have the Exynos 8895 processor in the devices made for sale outside the US – does this mean it may still contain a dual camera? While this very revealing tweet says a lot, it also tells us nothing. Is it possible that the Galaxy S8 Plus will have an advanced camera, in addition to a larger display?

Throwing all rumors aside – having Dual ISP capability in the Samsung Exynos 8895 is not a surprise, but more a given into today’s tech world. Qualcomm has had that capability for a while now in their Snapdragon series and most certainly the Snapdragon 835 model that precisely squares off with the Exynos 8895. Whether a manufacturer chooses to incorporate all of the chip’s features is up to the engineering and marketing people designing a new smartphone. The cases designed for the new Samsung Galaxy S8 series show what looked like a dual camera setup, although it has since been understood that the extended back opening is to allow room for a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor to the right of a single camera. If the Galaxy S8 Plus model follows that same recipe, then it could be possible that Samsung is hinting about the upcoming Galaxy Note 8, due out in the fall.

When the early Galaxy Notes appeared, they always had an upgrade in the camera area – something that did not happen on the Galaxy Note 5 or Galaxy Note 7 – they simply used the same camera they used in the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7. This tweet could hint a return to a genuine upgrade in specs for the Galaxy Note 8. Samsung can easily use an on-display fingerprint sensor and eliminate the one on the back – another way to differentiate the Galaxy Note 8. Whatever Samsung decides to do with the Dual ISPs, it seems a little late for the Galaxy S8 and very early for the Galaxy Note 8. Speaking of which, April 28 is now expected to be the release date for the Galaxy S8 series.