S Health Becomes Samsung Health, Includes Telehealth Service

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Samsung Health has just been announced by Samsung, and it is set to replace S Health. While it may be a new name, features previously found in S Health can also be found in Samsung Health, including step tracking, record of daily activities, health tips, and the ability to challenge friends to fitness goals. However, Samsung Health brings along a number of new features, including a new UI, so you may expect a design overhaul of the app. Other new features include the “Me” feature, “Together” feature, and also an “Ask an Expert” feature, which is a telehealth service.

The “Me” feature comes with access to over 100 lifestyle, food and fitness trackers which you may choose from. It comes with integrated intelligence and is aided by “Health Insights”, allowing you to analyze your daily activities, and it will also remind you to stay active in order to achieve fitness goals. The “Together” feature on the other hand allows you to connect with your family and friends, to compare fitness goals. Just like in S Health, you may challenge your friends to fitness goals. One of the main features of the new Samsung Health service, is the “Ask an Expert (AAE) Telehealth Service”. If you tryout the new “Ask an Expert” service, the app will connect you to a board-certified doctor via video, and you may query the doctor once connected. Users may get advice, a diagnosis or even a prescription which can be later taken to the local pharmacy. However, this service isn’t free and users will have to pay $59 for the initial cost per visit, without insurance coverage. If your insurance or employer covers telehealth services, then the fee will likely be cheaper or even free.

Other new features includes the “Discover” function, whereby users may browse content related to health, and it is updated on a daily basis. Samsung Rewards has also been included in Samsung Health, and users will be rewarded if they register for the “Ask An Expert” service. Samsung Health will replace S Health and is available across 150 countries. The app is supported by devices running on Android 4.4 KitKat and above, and also the newly announced Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus.