Report: Google's 'Free App Of The Week' Part Of Pilot Test


Google recently started making available a new 'Free App of the Week' feature on the Google Play Store. However, it has now become clear that this is just a trial program. In comments made to VentureBeat, an unnamed source close to the company was noted stating that the Free App of the Week feature is part of a four-week pilot program that Google is currently testing. Although, this was not directly confirmed by a Google spokesperson when VentureBeat reached out to them, with the spokesperson simply noting that Google is "always making improvements to Google Play to offer to the best service possible to our consumers."

While the feature does seem to be live for users in the US (as well as some elsewhere), if the current information is correct, then there is no guarantee that the feature will remain available indefinitely. With this being a trial, it does stand to reason that the success of the feature will largely be determined on the feedback received during the testing period. Although, it is currently unclear whether the feedback will be based on the users, or whether it will be deemed a worthwhile feature or not, by┬ádevelopers. In either case, as with a number of Google Play Store features, this one could be here today and gone again next month. Which actually would not be the first time – as this is not the first time that Google has toyed with a 'Free App of the Week' feature.

Needless to say, a Free App of the Week feature likely needs very little, if any, explanation. The feature allows a user to download a paid-for app for free. With this being deemed a 'weekly' app, the assumption is the app will change each week with the current offering being Cartoon Network's Card Wars – Adventure Time. An app which while currently available to download for free, would normally cost $2.99 to download. For those interested in getting a copy of this particular app while it is free, the app is available at the reduced cost via mobile and desktop, so simply head through the link below, on pretty much any device, to grab a copy.


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