NVIDIA's SHIELD Tablets Are Getting The 5.1 Software Update

NVIDIA's SHIELD tablets are getting the 5.1 software update which brings both the original NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet and the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet K1 up to a slightly newer version of Android Nougat that is aimed at fixing a few issues. This is still Android 7.0 and there's no mention by NVIDIA of when either tablet will be updated to Android 7.1, but the included fixes that this update addresses should sit nicely with users as any improvement that makes the user experience smoother is likely to be a welcomed change.

In regards to the actual fix specifics NVIDIA details a couple of them, while noting that part of this update issues "additional system stability enhancements." While this is a rather vague description of what those enhancements are, users who own either version of the SHIELD Tablet will likely notice things running just a little bit smoother than before. The other bugs which were present prior to this update and should be fixed after installation are a bug that was causing the mouse cursor to appear during keyboard input. NVIDIA states that this was an issues that was inconsistent and it wasn't popping up all of the time, but it was often enough and happening to a large enough number of users to warrant a fix for the problem.

Additionally there was also a fix for the issue that was causing the Launcher3 to crash intermittently, so users shouldn't have problems with that particular bug anymore following the update. This small update follows the Android Nougat update for both tablets which went out back on February 9th, which is listed on the release notes page as the 5.0 software upgrade that NVIDIA sent out last month. For those with the NVIDIA SHIELD TV device, there are no software updates to speak of currently, but NVIDIA did just add a new title to the library of available games, as the Tomb Raider reboot can now be picked up on the Play Store for that device at a cost of $14.99. If that sounds like a bit much for an Android title, it's important to remember that this is a mostly current game as it was released within the last five years and there are games which do cost more, making this a pretty decent offering.

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