New LG G6 TV Ad Highlights The Display & One-Handed Use


With the LG G6 now here, available to pre-order, and currently very firmly in the 'promotional' stage of its lifespan, LG has now made available a new TV commercial for the LG G6. The commercial made its way to YouTube today and is only 30 seconds in length. With such a short video duration, it would be fair to assume that not many of the features are likely to be showcased in much detail. Which is largely the case, with LG opting to not focus on the multiple benefits that are on offer with the LG G6 and instead, focusing on one in particular. The main one, in fact – the display.

More specifically, the commercial focuses on the size of the display and how in spite of being a fairly large (by LG G standards) display, it is housed within a body that is not generally speaking, that large. This is a point that LG has been advocating since the LG G6 was first announced, by picking up on the notion that in spite of the larger screen, the LG G6 is designed to be a smartphone that can be used fairly easily with one hand. And here is where the focus of the commercial resides with LG showcasing the G6 being used in a number of situations (some of which are fairly extreme situations), and always with only one hand.

Interestingly, the video starts off with a play on the bezel level (or lack thereof) by showing the LG G6 with larger bezels. Although, the bezels are literally pulled off by way of a sort of screen protector, revealing the very low bezel level that is actually in effect. While the video does largely focus on the display and the one-handed use of the G6, it does cleverly showcase some of the other selling points are on offer with the smartphone, but in a less obvious manner. Including its waterproof nature, the ability to shop quicker and smarter, and the camera features, as well as the rear-positioned fingerprint sensor. You can check out the video in its 30-second entirety by hitting play below.


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