New Customers Now Get a Year of HBO For Free with DIRECTV NOW

March 20, 2017 - Written By Alexander Maxham

AT&T is looking for ways to bring in more customers to their over-the-top streaming service, DIRECTV NOW. And it appears that one of those ways is to offer up a year of HBO for free. Typically this would cost $5/month, which is actually the cheapest of any streaming service (Sling TV, PlayStation Vue and even traditional cable companies typically charge $15/month), but for those that sign up on DIRECTV NOW for the Go Big or Gotta Have it packages (priced at $60 and $70 respectively), you’ll get it for free for the first year.

This will be added to your account as a monthly bill credit, which the fine print on this promo from DIRECTV NOW notes that it may take up to 3 billing cycles for it to appear on your account. After your 12 months are up, you’ll be either paying an extra $5/month or you can choose to remove it from your account. Which is pretty simple to do as well. Don’t forget that if you pre-pay for a month of service, you’ll get an Amazon Fire TV Stick for free, but that offer ends on March 30th.

Recently, AT&T started giving out a year of HBO to those that were early adopters and signed up for the Go Big package for just $35/month, which is now $60/month. That was a pretty good deal, and unfortunately the price has gone up, but AT&T will be bringing in some more promotions for DIRECTV NOW in the coming months. As the company is looking to expand their subscriber-base past the 200,000 or so that has been reported. AT&T is also reportedly going to be adding DIRECTV NOW to some of their bundles, which you can already get a $25 credit each month for DIRECTV NOW if you subscribe to AT&T’s new unlimited data plans. Which is a pretty neat bonus, especially if you were already subscribed (and if you took advantage of the $35/month Go Big promo, that makes it just $10/month). For those that want to take advantage of this promotion, you can hit up the link down below and get all of the details.