Microsoft GigJam Android App Now Available For Download

Microsoft GigJam Android app started rolling out on the Google Play Store earlier this week and should already be available for download in all parts of the world. The app is a mobile collaboration tool that combines a file sharing solution with ephemeral messaging. Microsoft GigJam was developed on the assumption that a lot of people are frequently looking for input from their clients and colleagues regarding projects they're working on, but aren't willing to share their projects in their entirety. Despite all of the technology that currently exists, many people still resort to manually dividing their project documentation and extracting pieces of information they want to share, which is a time-consuming process. That's where Microsoft GigJam comes into play as the app provides its users with a simple and intuitive way to quickly share individual parts of a larger document.

Once you load a document in Microsoft GigJam, you're presented with a relatively straightforward user interface in which you can simply circle the information you want to share and cross out the parts that you want to keep for yourself. Once marked, the information can quickly be shared using multiple services. Being a Microsoft-made app, Microsoft GigJam naturally supports the majority of the company's existing product lineup as it features integration with Word, Outlook, and numerous other services. The app allows you to both share parts of your documents and upload them for real-time collaboration. Finally, while Microsoft GigJam can share files directly, it can also send ephemeral messages with attachments to other people using the same app. The actual sharing functionality of the app supports most popular business systems like Salesforce, Office365, Trello, and Asana, Microsoft says.

You can download Microsoft GigJam by following the Google Play Store link below. The app can be installed free of charge and features zero ads and in-app purchases. Exact software requirements depend on the version of Microsoft GigJam you're running, but the app should work on most contemporary devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop and newer versions of Google's operating system. While it only launched recently, the app is seemingly enjoying a positive reception so far as its Google Play Store rating is currently sitting at 4.2 stars.

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