Last Week Tonight's John Oliver Pokes Fun at Galaxy Note 7

Samsung on Fire

John Oliver, a favorite satirist and comic among HBO viewers is known for taking a subject and putting a comical spin on it as only he can. His latest target, Samsung, and the many woes it has been facing the past year – not only with their smartphones but with many other products as well. Their most publicized event was when their Galaxy Note 7 smartphone began catching fire happened several months back. The timing of this video could not be worse as Samsung is set to announce their new flagship line, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus at the end of this month.

By now everybody knows about the small number of Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s catching fire that caused a massive recall, a corrective action by Samsung, a reshipping of the Galaxy Note 7, but continued fire issues that lead to a final recall of the devices and dropping it completely from its lineup for 2016. After months of investigations, Samsung concluded it was caused by a battery issue and resulted in new standards of test their smartphones and all of their components – especially the battery. The question now is if consumers should worry about the soon-to-be-released Galaxy S8 models, and eventually, the new Galaxy Note 8 model later in the year. Critics are guessing that these new models will be so thoroughly tested there should not be any problems. Samsung’s reputation or bottom line can ill afford to take another big hit as they did with the Galaxy Note 7.

The video below talks about numerous problems Samsung has faced lately, starting with the Galaxy Note 7, but including the issues, it had with possibly exploding washing machines in the fall of 2016. It also looks at laptops, vacuum cleaners, TVs, fitness watches and even dryers not drying clothes. While some of these are clearly exaggerations, we do have to point out that the latest questions are now arising from WikiLeaks about the fact that Samsung’s Smart TVs can be hacked by the CIA and can record conversations in the room when it looks like the TV is actually ‘off.’ Samsung was apparently caught off guard and said they were looking into the matter.