Instagram Live Videos Can Now Be Saved After The Broadcast

March 20, 2017 - Written By Justin Diaz

Instagram Live Videos can now be saved after the broadcast is over which gives users the opportunity to relive the moments of their broadcast. While Instagram has allowed users to post live videos for a little while now, once the broadcast ended there was no way to re-watch any of the footage as it would disappear from the app. Today Instagram has started pushing out an update to the service that will let users keep the video if they decide they want to save it, although not all users may have received the update just yet as app updates usually are sent out to users in stages.

With that said, if you broadcast live video from time to time and if you have received the app update, if the feature is enabled then when your next live broadcast ends you should see a new save button that is positioned in the top right corner of the app, and tapping this will allow you to download the video so you can come back to it and watch it at any time. Only the user who created the broadcast will be able to save the video so other users will still only have the chance to watch it while the broadcast is happening.

Although users can save their live videos now, it’s not possible to save any of the other content that’s associated with them. This means that you won’t be able to save any of the comments, likes, or viewers that watched their broadcast, so if you’re interested in seeing any of those details you’ll want to interact with them or view that information as the broadcast is happening. Saving videos after the live broadcast is over is a pretty simple process and it seems that Instagram was aiming to make it as easy as possible for users, but videos don’t necessarily save instantly and Instagram notes that it may take a minute or two for the video to completely download and save to your device. This is even more true if the live video broadcast was longer. Once a video save is completed, users will be able to see it right inside their camera roll so it won’t be hard to find later on.