Google & Levi's Say Their Jacquard Jacket Will Be About $350

Google & Levi's say that their Jacquard jacket will be about $350 when it hits store shelves, which might sound like a bit much but you have to remember that this sort of clothing is pretty much going to be a first of its kind, incorporating smart fabric that hosts a number of functions so that the wearer will have a way to interact with their smartphone without having to actually physically interact with it. The two companies announced the latest details about the Levi's Commuter Trucker Jacket at the recently held SXSW party that was hosted yesterday.

The party was initially discovered a couple of days ago but at the time it wasn't known what exactly both Google and Levi's had planned for the event, but it was speculated that the plan was likely to either launch the new jacket or at the very least, talk about the launch date and pricing. It turns out the party was about the latter as it served as a method for Google and Levi's to announce when the jacket would be available and how much consumers could expect to pay, though there wasn't an exact date given for the launch, nor was there an exact price that was mentioned, merely a cost range and a release window of sometime in the Fall.

Having said that, the Fall seems like the perfect time for such a jacket launch if you think about it, as it will be made out of denim and the Fall in many areas is when the weather will start to cool down just enough to where you would want a jacket made of such materials. It's also not likely that the weather is the only factor in pushing out this launch date (the jacket was originally expected to launch this Spring), as it's more logical that Google and Levi's simply have more work to do on the product before they deem it ready for purchase. Since this will be part of Levi's Commuter line of clothing, the jacket is likely to have some water treatment applied to it that will allow it to be a little bit rain resistant, and it'll be geared towards cyclists, though anyone who wants a smart jacket that will allow them to switch between tracks will be able to pick one up if they wish.

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