Google Cancels Some Fiber Installs In Kansas City


The Kansas City area is already home to a number of Google Fiber subscribers and users, but as it turns out, some of those subscribers' pending installations have been canceled. With no prior warning, a large number of Kansas City residents who had been waiting for Fiber, even some who had scheduled their installation as soon as signups became available, recently received emails stating that they would not be getting services, and that Google would be refunding any applicable deposits and cancelling any bonus perks like extra Google Drive storage that residents had gotten for signing up. The emails came with no explanation or fanfare; residents were simply told that they would not be getting Fiber service, and that was that. Cancellations did not seem focused in any particular place, striking all over the Kansas City metro area.

The cancellations have hit a number of homes where service is already in place at nearby homes, even direct neighbors. The exact number of cancellations is not known at this time, but is estimated to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,800 would-be Fiber users. Google was asked to clarify how many cancellations they issued, but refused to do so. Their official response was that they were still "committed" to rolling out Google Fiber service at scale in Kansas City. To that end, Google offered residents who received cancellation notices the chance to be updated if the availability of service in their area changes.

This large-scale cancellation comes on the heels of a good few misfortunes for Fiber, including an apparent slowing down of expansion for the time being, and prominent figures stepping away from the operation. Meanwhile, Fiber is reportedly still working on a custom wireless solution to help expand the service as reliably and cost-efficiently as possible. Google's comment that they still intend to expand in Kansas City seems to imply that Fiber is far from dead and will continue to expand into new areas and broaden service in old areas. With Fiber's expansion temporarily slowed down, Google has time to double down the focus on the service and build revenue by rolling out to large-scale and enterprise deployments, such as office buildings and apartment complexes.


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