The Google App Now Shows Cards Of Your Recent Searches

March 20, 2017 - Written By Justin Diaz

The Google app now shows cards of your recent searches which should make it much more simple to go back and find something specifically that you’ve been looking for. As part of a new update to the Google app, Google has added a recent page which you can access by tapping on the hamburger menu, and once you have the hamburger menu open you should see “recent” up at the very top just under the listing of which account you’re viewing.

While this function alone will be useful to a great many users, just being able to see cards for your recent searches isn’t all that the recent page is good for. You can also use to compare cards side by side, so if for example, you are considering a purchase of the same type of item or product but both options are different in certain ways, you can quickly compare them with the recent searches page in the Google app. Additionally if you want to get rid of some of the cards because they’re stacking up and beginning to make things cluttered, you can delete the cards individually by swiping up to dismiss them.

On the recent page each card is presented in a timeline with the amount of time since you made each specific search, and tapping on those cards will take you back to the search list of results. While there isn’t much in the overflow menu here, the overflow menu is accessible from the recent page and in it you can access the settings, though this seems to take you to the same settings menu for the Google app and not a separate settings menu that is made specifically for the recent page itself. The list of recent search cards aren’t limited to just the Google app itself and a new card will show up any time you search for something from the Google Widget or even if you ask Google Assistant to show you results for stuff. The only place where it doesn’t seem to record your search and place a card for it in the recent page is if you do a search directly from Google’s website in the Chrome app, otherwise it looks like anywhere else you use Google to search for stuff will populate results with this new feature.