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There are tons of different game types on mobile devices but if strategy games are your thing then it’s worth taking a look at Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare. This is strategy game that focuses on modern war as it’s set in the year 2037, and you end up equipped with soldiers, vehicles, gear, and other resources that are just a tiny bit more futuristic than what is actually available in the real world today. Like all strategy games the gameplay can feel a little bit complex at first if you’re not a longtime fan of the genre and know your way around strategy games, but in my short time with it so far it’s proven to be simpler to grasp than I would have imagined. This is thanks to the tutorial that you start off with in the beginning that walks you through the various steps of how to do certain things, like build up parts of your base and gather resources, as well as recruit different types of soldiers so you can send them out on operations to take down enemies.

The nice thing about this game is that even after the initial tutorial is done with and you’re more or less controlling things on your own, you will still get helpful tips on what to do next with missions. Starting off with the basics, you’ll need to build a base, and then fill that base with different buildings that you’ll need to develop resources. The tutorial will walk you through these steps and essentially tell you where everything is, and after it’s over you’ll have to remember some things on your own which is part of the challenge. You’ll need to keep up on gathering the resources that are being developed by your munitions factories and wellheads, which will be the two building types that are pumping out oil and making ammunition for you to use in combat. Of course if you’ve played strategy games before then you’ll know that you will also need building types to store these resources, and that you’ll only be able to store so much of those resources until you upgrade your storage buildings.

For anyone who has played any sort of strategy game before the formula should feel pretty familiar, and even if this is your first time, getting the hang of things is not too difficult as long as you spend a little time with the game and pay attention to the details. There are a lot of little parts to the game that while not always gameplay impacting in a major way, it’s helpful to know certain things. For example, up at the top of the screen you can see your resource numbers, and if you tap on those numbers then it will switch to showing you a different set of resources, which you may or may not have acquired yet depending on how far in the game you are. It’s also important to know that while your munitions factories, wellheads and other building types are creating resources for you, completing missions from the mission log will also reward you with various resources, so missions are a hugely beneficial thing to spend time with not just for helping you level up, but also for gathering resources.

While you start off on your own with this game which is no different than any other strategy game out there, you will eventually gain the ability to join forces with other players by joining an alliance. While it isn’t required for you to join an alliance it helps immensely, as you’ll be able to get help from other players and get access to exclusive perks and options for part of the gameplay through the use of special tactics and strategies. You unlock the ability to join an alliance after hitting level 8, which may seem like it will take a while but it actually goes really fast if you’re playing consistently and doing the missions and collecting the rewards. It’s also worth noting that during your first three days of gameplay, you can’t be attacked by other bases and players as you’re protected, so you’ll be free to play through the game at your own pace for that short period of time and learn things without having to worry about being attacked. Overall, the game is filled with strategic gameplay that is pretty engaging if you’re fond of this genre, and it’s easy to pick up for those who haven’t played many strategy games before.

With the tutorials and tips, I found that learning what to do was easier than I expected, though what was nice is that I was able to skip any parts of the tutorial if I wanted to, which means that if you find it more enjoyable to explore the different elements of the game and learn stuff without the guidance, you can do so. There are certainly a lot of different little parts to this game but you can pick things up quickly and move right along. Whether you’re a newcomer to strategy games looking to give them a try or a strategy fanatic looking for something new to dig into, Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare has plenty to offer.

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