Game Developers Are Getting New Tools For Actions On Google

Game developers are getting new tools for Actions on Google which means that more and better games will be coming to Google Assistant at some point in the future. The tools will help game developers build and create better games for the platform and they include things like a new library of sound effects with tons of different options, and Google even published a guide to help developers re-introduce classic text-based games to the public by way of Google Assistant on Google Home.

The sound effects library, which includes sounds like airplanes, thunder, cats purring and more, is intended to help game developers add some more life to their Actions so that users can feel more engaged with the game that they're playing, and it should make things a little bit more fun too as who doesn't love the inclusion of sound effects that can liven things up a bit. In addition to the sound effects, Google is collaborating with a handful of new companies like Pullstring, Converse.AI, Solstice, and XAPP Media who can help game developers in building a completely new type of game for Actions on Google. Developers who are interested in utilizing these new companies can find the details on Google's list of Tools and Consulting companies.

The last new bit of tools for game developers centers around text adventure games, and Google has put together a guide that is aimed at helping developers bring these classic games back to life. Google says that the process for porting Interactive Fiction Games over to Actions on Google is a straightforward process that should be relatively simple and there are tons of these classic games that are stored and available on an Interactive Fiction database website that's available to the public, so there's already lots of options to choose from should any developers decide to bring these types of games to the platform. Users can already interact with some games via Google Assistant, such as trivia-based games that can include 1 or more players, a Crystal Ball game that has you asking Yes or No questions, Mad Libs, and even chat games called Emoji Movie or Emoji Party. While the list of games for Actions on Google isn't exactly extensive, there are already a decent amount of options there and Google is seeking to bring more to the platform as they state that they're "particularly excited about gaming."

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