Galaxy S8 Wallpapers Are Now Available In A 4:3 Aspect Ratio

Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus feature some beautiful nature-themed wallpapers, which have leaked out twice now; yesterday in their native aspect ratios, and today in a pair of aspect ratios more suitable for use on other devices. The beautiful wallpapers are meant to compliment the different color options that the devices will come in, and are optimized for the larger viewing on their Infinity Display panels. There are four unique images that are each shown in two different resolutions, making for eight total wallpapers. Whether Samsung or the source who obtained the wallpapers did so, a great job has been done compressing them, so they sport decent resolutions and low file sizes while still looking great - the largest of the wallpapers, in terms of file size, is a relatively small 1.8 megabytes.

The four images used are an astronaut floating free out in space with the Earth looming large behind them, a misty white mountain peak, joggers going over lavender fields against a pink sunset, and a pair of stargazers standing together in a vast forest clearing. Each of the wallpapers embraces the small, beautiful details of nature, and are made to universally accent the design of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, though some will logically go better with certain color options; the snowy background could pair up well with the Arctic Silver Galaxy S8, for instance, while the wallpaper with the joggers could pair quite nicely with the subtly pinkish Orchid Gray option.

It should be noted that no matter what color variant you choose, the device's remarkably thin front bezels will always be jet black. With how much of the device's front is taken up by the display, however, having the wallpaper match the color of the back panel is a welcome touch that helps to bring the whole aesthetic of the devices together in a subtly pleasing and cohesive manner. When the phones actually go on sale, buyers will find not only these wallpapers available, but also a selection of live wallpapers in Samsung's theme store, set to launch alongside the two new flagship devices on April 21st.

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