Facer And Google Show Off Android Wear 2.0 At MWC


Google only launched Android Wear 2.0 recently, so spicing up its appeal for its big appearance at MWC was a natural thing for them to do, and they chose smartwatch face community platform Facer to help them do it. Facer hosts thousands of watch faces for smartwatches across a number of smartwatch platforms, including Android Wear. Google's new Android Wear 2.0, meanwhile, supports tons of new features, but needed a way to catch eyes at MWC to bring those features to attendees' attention. Facer ended up creating a number of special watch faces just for MWC to help Google build up hype for Android Wear 2.0 and put out a grand showing at the event.

In order to play their part in Google's showing of Android Wear 2.0 at the event, Facer obviously had to update to add support for the platform. They didn't stop there, of course; Facer now supports Android Wear 2.0 on the LG Watch Sport and LG Watch Style, with support for more models coming as they're updated and released, like the Huawei Watch 2. They also support complications to watch faces added through Android Wear 2.0's complications API, and allow people to download the Facer app directly from a compatible Android Wear 2.0 device via the built-in Play Store functionality. Facer has integrated the experience from top to bottom, making it easier than ever to download the app and get things all set up.

Thanks to Android Wear 2.0's decreased reliance on a linked smartphone, somebody picking up a brand new Android Wear 2.0 device can pop a SIM card in there or find some Wi-Fi, set up their watch, then hit the Play Store to grab the Facer app. From there, they can get it set up, browse faces, and install one that they like right from the watch. Special watch faces were created for Facer and Android Wear 2.0's showing at MWC, and Facer has made those watch faces available for all to download for free through the app. This, of course, includes those rocking a device that does not have Android Wear 2.0 on board yet, as long as it supports Facer; that includes Samsung's Galaxy Gear lineup, and the Apple Watch.


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