Facebook News Feeds Will Now Include A Season Greeting

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Facebook news feeds will now include a season greeting that will alert users to the first day of a new season. For example, today is officially the first day of Spring and Facebook is notifying users with an animation at the top of their news feeds that mentions this. As the seasons change Facebook will be continuing to send out these greetings and place them at the top of news feeds of all users, so people can expect to see a greeting for the first day of Summer, Fall, and Winter as they come up throughout the year.

While the season greetings may eventually make their way to the browser versions of Facebook on both desktop and mobile, for now it’s said that the they will only show up on the Android and iOS as well as other mobile devices, so if you’re on your desktop scrolling through Facebook you won’t be seeing the greeting there. The seasons should be showing up for everyone at some point through the day, but they won’t necessarily appear immediately upon opening the app for the first time. The animation used will also be different depending upon whether users are in the northern or southern hemisphere.

Aside from simply viewing the greetings as they appear, users should also be able to share them to their profile so that friends and family can see the post, but beyond that they have no other purpose and don’t offer up any other functionality. To share the greeting with others who you’re friends on the social platform, simply tap on the greeting and it’ll open a new post with an accompanying message that welcomes others to the new season. You can also apply your own message, feeling, images and more just like you can when you create any other regular post. Since users will see this both in the northern and southern hemispheres the new season greetings should be showing up globally. A greeting to the showcase that the new season has arrived isn’t a major change to the service, but Facebook’s goal is to foster more sharing between users and this is the latest detail they have added in an attempt to get users to share more posts.