Download: IMDb Movies & TV Android App v7.0 With New UI


The IMDb Movies & TV Android app is getting an update and one which brings with it quite the change to the general layout of the app and how a user interacts with the app. The update comes in the form of v7.0 and compared to other updates, sees some fairly significant UI changes.

The most obvious of which is the removal of a slide out navigation menu that is present on previous versions of the app. In replace of the slide out menu is a tab-based menu which runs across the top of the app and offers quick link tabs in-view for the likes of 'Home', 'Movies', 'TV', and 'Celebs'. So in spite of the UI change (and with the exception of 'News'), the quick links are now even quicker to access than before. However, the old slide out menu does also come with quick access links to 'Your IMDb' content. While that section is also now gone, the profile icon in the top right corner still provides access to this section. This was also the case in the previous version so not much has changed in that respect, except that now, this seems to be the only route to the Your IMDb aspects of the app, including 'Your Account', 'Your Watchlist', 'Ratings', 'Your Lists', 'Notifications', 'Check-Ins', and so on.

There are also some more fundamental UI changes in play as well. The IMDb logo is now more prominently placed at the top of the app, and so is the main carousel. While this still remains at the top of the page (as before), it is larger and this results in an easier ability to interact with the content – for instance, tap to play trailers, swiping through content, and so on. The update itself is still not showing up on the Google Play Store, and so it may take some time before it does become available as an OTA update to your existing version of the app. However, if you would like to check out the new UI as soon as possible, you can download and sideload the 7.0 version of the APK through the link below.

Download IMDb v7.0 APK

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