BMW Doesn't Want Android Auto in their Vehicles

BMW, who was once part of the Open Automotive Alliance with Google, has stated that they will not be bringing Android Auto to their fleet. This is according to TechCrunch who spoke with BMW's senior vice president of Digital Services and Business Models, Dieter May, at Mobile World Congress this week in Barcelona. Oddly enough, BMW does already support Apple CarPlay, but not Android Auto. When May elaborated on why they don't offer Android Auto, he stated that the infotainment system is part of the brand experience, and said "I don't want to have an Android screen and I especially want to be able to deeply integrate these systems."

With that response, it's a bit odd to have Apple CarPlay and not Android Auto, since it's essentially the same thing, but one is for iPhones versus the other working with Android. Perhaps BMW will remove Apple CarPlay in the future. It's understandable that BMW wants to control the interface in the car, especially with self-driving cars on the horizon. As many people won't be driving in the next decade or so, as self-driving cars will become much more popular. Which means that car makers like BMW will need to work on their entertainment options for passengers.

May's response about not wanting to have an Android screen may rub some people the wrong way. But the good thing is that now with Android Auto, your car doesn't have to have it built-in. Just grab a mount for your smartphone and you can run Android Auto on your phone in the car. So it's not the end of the world, although having Android Auto on a larger display like you would get with it built-in to the vehicle, is definitely a nice thing, it's likely not a deal breaker. BMW isn't the only one to have skipped out on Android Auto, in favor of using their own infotainment system. Toyota has also skipped out and aren't even offering Apple CarPlay. Simply due to the fact that they don't want to "give the keys" to Apple or Google. As they believe that allowing their systems in their car would essentially give them (especially Google) a whole lot of information about the car. And with Google building self-driving cars (or at least they were) Toyota saw them as a competitor.

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