Best Smartwatches Buyers Guide – March 2017


With Mobile World Congress over and at least one more new Smartwatch on the way thanks to Huawei’s announcement of the Huawei Watch 2 in both its variations, consumers will have even more options in the very near future when it comes to considering a smartwatch purchase. With that in mind, for those who are looking for a new smartwatch but are interested in a purchase now instead of waiting, there are still plenty of good options to think about, and even one new option that wasn’t quite available last month.

Fossil Q Marshal & Fossil Q Wander

If you’re fond the design of the LG Watch Style but want something just a little different, then there is always the Fossil Q Marshal or Fossil Q Wander which do look very similar in the design department, complete with a genuine leather strap and a stainless steel watch case, or metal watch bands if you prefer them. On top of all of that the Marshal and Wander are getting upgraded to Android Wear 2.0 at some point.

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Polar M600

If you want something that’s more of the sporty persuasion, then look no further than the Polar M600, which is not only geared towards consumers who want a more fitness-focused smartwatch, but it’s also one of the newer options that’s been released. Since it’s new, you can bet it will be getting the upgrade to Android Wear 2.0 in due time even if there isn’t an exact date that’s been mentioned yet.

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Casio Smart Outdoor Watch


Another sport-like option is the Smart Outdoor Watch from Casio, which has more of a rugged look as well and takes on a little bit of the style of their ever-popular G-Shock watches. It comes in multiple colors and it’s military tested with an MIL-STD-810G rating which means it can handle a drop or two, and it’s water resistant so a little rain won’t hurt it.

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Moto 360 Sport

Keeping the sport theme going there’s also Motorola’s own option with the Moto 360 Sport, which is arguably one of the better looking options in the sport department as it carries a clear fitness-focused look, but in a more clean and stylish way than the Casio or Polar options. It doesn’t have NFC so it can’t handle Android Pay payments even though it is getting Android Wear 2.0, but unlike the Casio watch it does have built-in GPS, so if you want this type of location tracking this is the watch to go with out of those two options, and it costs significantly less.

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Moto 360 2nd Gen

If you like Motorola as an option but you don’t want something sporty, then there’s always the 2nd Gen Moto 360 which has a great design and plenty of style options still available. It features easily swappable bands and it’s getting Android Wear 2.0 down the line, which means it’ll be able to install apps right from the Play Store on the watch.

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ASUS ZenWatch 3


ASUS ZenWatch 3 is a solid and very stylish option if you want something that has the look of a more traditional style watch but with the smarts of Android Wear, and soon enough, Android Wear 2.0. It comes in a variety of styles and already features a nice leather strap that comes in the box, but you can also easily switch the strap out if you want something different. It’s IP67 rated so it can withstand a little water and dust, it comes with ASUS’ HyperCharge technology which allows for a 60% charge in just 15 minutes, and it’s also one of the more affordable options.

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Nixon The Mission

Nixon’s Mission Smartwatch is another ruggedized option for those who like to spend their time outdoors looking for adventure. Nixon has long prided themselves on rugged watches and quality-made products, and that comes through with the Mission. It’s chunkier than most other smartwatch options out there but that’s part of its charm, and if you like personalization there is plenty of that here as it comes in multiple colors. It’s also got built-in GPS which means it’s great for tracking your runs or excursions, and it has a 10ATM rating just in case you want to go for a quick dive.

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Huawei Watch

Huawei’s latest watch offering may not be available yet but the original is still available and it was one of the best Android Wear options out there during its time. It has a classic style that was extremely well-received and it had tech that most of the other watches did not, like built-in NFC and a built-in speaker. Of course it’s also getting Android Wear 2.0 which means new software, Android Pay, and Play Store access for apps.

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Samsung Gear S3


Samsung’s Gear S3 may not be running on Android Wear, but it’s one of the best smartwatches out there and it has quite a lot to offer. A stylish look that comes in two different variations, both Classic and Frontier, and the Frontier model comes with LTE support so it can be used without the connection of a smartphone. They’re both also carrying built-in GPS and they’re both water and dust resistant. They’ve also got the rotating dial so you can navigate through the user interface without having to touch the screen until you’re ready to select something.

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LG Watch Style

Rounding out this list is the LG Watch Style, the newest available smartwatch on the market and the first smartwatch to come running on Android Wear 2.0. It has a classic look that is also offered with a few different options when it comes to the color of the watch case and watch straps, and of course you can swap out the straps if you’d like. Since it has Android Wear 2.0 and NFC, it’s also set up for the Play Store access and Android Pay payments, it has Google Assistant so you can ask it questions and initiate tasks with just your voice, and it’s also IP67 rated so it can withstand dust and water.

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