Best LG G6 Features – March 2017


The LG G6 is just around the corner as it's being set up to launch around the globe soon, and it was just recently announced last month at Mobile World Congress, which means that quite a few consumers are either already prepared to purchase it as their next phone, or they might be on the fence about whether or not this is the device for them. Whatever the case may be whether you want help deciding on if the LG G6 fits your needs or if you just want know more about it, here are some of the best LG G6 features that make this a worthy device.

LG Mobile Switch

There's no point in denying it, sometimes switching to a new phone sucks just like moving can be the worst. Why? Because you have to move all your stuff from one place to another and that can be a tedious task. Luckily LG has your back on the smartphone front with the G6 and the LG Mobile Switch feature. Just as the name suggests this is a feature that is designed to help you make an easy transition from your old phone to your new phone and to do it as seamlessly as possible.


Square Camera

Due to the LG G6's unique screen aspect ratio LG was able to work in a cool little camera mode called Square Camera, and among other things it makes for the perfect Instagram shot which comes in handy if you're the type who loves to post your memories on Instagram to share them with others. It also works great for being able to see a preview of your picture immediately after you take it, but instead of taking up the whole screen the preview sits next to the viewfinder which is already prepared to take another photo. The reason why this is sure to be a favorite is because it'll be perfect for allowing you to see if the shot you took is what you actually wanted. If it isn't perfect you can simply take another as you can compare the same subject to what you snapped the first time.

Dolby Vision HDR


With the large screen on the LG G6 there's no doubt that many users of the phone will end up watching plenty of video on the phone, and thanks to the Dolby Vision HDR support picture quality of certain content will be unparalleled, provided the content is HDR content. While this new clarity and heightened quality of picture won't apply to every video you want, there is a growing list of this type of content on both Netflix and Amazon Video with which to make use of.


Smart Settings


The selection of smart settings lets you configure different functions based on various things. For example, you can have one smart setting configured to switch to a specific sound profile, Wi-Fi connection, or Bluetooth connection to change automatically when you either arrive at home and leave home, or you can choose an app to have open up automatically when you plug in a pair of headphones, like Play Music or Spotify.

Google Assistant

Again, this is another feature that isn't specific to the LG G6 as other devices have Google Assistant, but it's certainly one of the best features that you'll find on the device as it adds a lot of functionality to the phone and all of it works through your voice. If you need to answer a quick question and you simply don't want to tap the screen of your device or if you want to send a message and don't feel like typing, Google Assistant is here to help.



Following the theme of useful features that can be found on the LG G6 but aren't just for the G6 alone, multi-window is another feature which you'll likely find yourself taking advantage of at times, as it's handy to have around when you want to browse your social feeds while also watching a video, or read through your emails and have the news open at the same time.

Hi-Fi Quad DAC


This isn't going to be a feature that all LG G6 models in all markets are going to get, because unfortunately LG says that only certain markets are going to get a model which supports this, but for those that are in the region where the Hi-Fi Quad DAC is supported, this will allow the LG G6 to put out some incredible audio, which is going to be even more impressive due to the fact that it's a smartphone. For people who love to listen to music or just generally want the best possible sound for any audio this will be an important feature to have.

App Scaling

Another feature which LG incorporated in the LG G6 is app scaling, and this is perfect as it helps to optimize the way apps are presented on screen. With most devices this isn't a big issue but because of the LG G6's 18:9 aspect ratio some apps might not look as good as intended. This is where app scaling can help as it allows you to select the aspect ratio for each app with options for 16:9, 16.7:9, and 18:9. It's worth noting that this only works for downloaded apps and not those which are pre-loaded on the device.


360 Panorama

The new 360 Panorama mode in the camera takes the panoramic shot to a whole new level by allowing you to get shots that you would otherwise need a 360-degree camera for. The best part about this though is the interactive way you can view the resulting images. If you have yourself a VR headset you can simply turn around while wearing the headset to see what the camera saw. Of course you can get this same effect by looking at the photo in its interactive state and turning the phone around to view different angles of the photos, just as you would if you were watching a 360-degree video.

Game Battery Saver


If you play a lot of mobile games on your phone, then you know how much the games can drain your phone's battery life. Battery life can be all too precious these days as smartphone become the central point of most people's lives as they're a tool that integrates with every aspect of them, from replying to work emails to organizing calendar events to keeping in touch with friends and family. Whatever your reasons for needing to save on battery life, the Game Battery Saver mode on the LG G6 can tweak various game details to reduce the battery consumption while playing, including video quality and frame rate depending on which option you choose.

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