Best Android Apps — Samsung Galaxy — March 2017


Samsung is the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, so if you're an Android aficionado, chances are you're either sporting a Samsung-made device or will soon be considering getting one. Apart from unique and mostly quite capable hardware, Samsung's Galaxy handsets are also an attractive proposition due to their software, i.e. numerous excellent apps that the South Korean tech giant is always developing, improving, and optimizing. Due to the sheer amount of these offerings, it's easy to get lost when looking for the next great one to install, so the list below intends to help you by detailing the top ten best Android apps made by Samsung, some of which are even compatible with non-Samsung devices.

Note that the list only contains apps that are available on the Google Play Store. So, while some excellent mobile tools like Game Launcher should certainly be considered as one of the best Samsung Galaxy apps that are currently available to users, the fact that they can't be downloaded from Google's digital store means you won't find them listed here.

Samsung Smart Switch Mobile


If you've just purchased a new Galaxy device, installing Samsung Smart Switch Mobile on your old one is the most convenient method of transferring your photos, music, contacts, and other files to your latest handset. Samsung Smart Switch Mobile supports both USB and wireless transfers and will get you going with your new device in no time.

Samsung Music


There are plenty of great music players on the Google Play Store to choose from, but Samsung is already offering an excellent solution for playing music that's simply called Samsung Music. Apart from supporting virtually all popular audio formats, the app also ships with robust categorization features and boasts a clean user interface that's easy to navigate.

Samsung Video Library


Samsung Video Library is just as easy to recommend as Samsung Music is. Yes, there are plenty of alternatives you could try out, but if you're looking for a video player that's both capable and free, Samsung's own solution is definitely worth giving a go, especially considering how simple it is to use.

S Health


S Health proved to be so popular that Samsung even ennobled its health app with support for third-party devices back in late 2015. While this mobile tool started as a fitness tracker, it evolved into a fully fledged personal coach that will not only help you eat healthier and exercise more efficiently, but also provide you with general lifestyle tips aimed at improving your quality of life.

Samsung Internet


Samsung's Android browser looks like a rather simple product compared to many of its alternatives, but underneath its clean interface is an extremely capable tool for browsing the World Wide Web. Secret Mode, Content Cards, and support for third-party ad blockers are just some of the great features that make Samsung Internet stand out from the competition.

Samsung Voice Recorder


Just like its name suggests, Samsung Voice Recorder is an app that was designed with just one functionality in mind – recording audio. However, apart from doing so in a reliable manner, the app also builds on that feature with a number of different functionalities that allow you to quickly record daily memos that are automatically converted into text, and activate a special interview mode specifically designed for recording numerous audio sources that aren't in equal proximity to the phone.



SideSync is Samsung's solution for connecting your smartphone and your PC so that you can receive text messages and calls on the latter without picking up your handset. The app is capable of mirroring the screen of your phone on any computer on which you've installed the SideSync client, allowing you to even share files in addition to using your PC as a smartphone.


If you're feeling creative and love music, you may want to try composing a song or two. Cue Soundcamp, a Samsung-made app designed to help turn your creative energy into compositions that can easily be shared with your friends. Apart from default instruments, Soundcamp also ships with support for third-party plugins so that you can personalize your pocket orchestra in any way you want.

Samsung Calculator

Samsung's calculator app offers a great balance between simplicity and versatility. While Samsung Calculator may look like a simple tool when first launched, rotating the screen of your device or tapping a single button will turn the app into a fully fledged scientific calculator that's as capable as many of its paid alternatives you can find on the Google Play Store.

Dacor iQ Kitchen

Dacor iQ Kitchen is a relatively new app designed to help you communicate with your kitchen appliances made by Samsung's U.S. subsidiary Dacor. If you already started investing in Internet of Things (IoT) devices and have bought some Dacor-made appliances, downloading Dacor iQ Kitchen is a must as this app will allow you to easily control your oven, refrigerator, hood, and other devices even when you aren't around. After all, life hardly gets more efficient than remotely preheating an oven while you're driving home from work.