Android O Developer Preview 1 Is Now Available For Download

Android O

Android O Developer Preview 1 is now available for download for those that are seeking to get their hands on the latest version of Android software that Google has been working on. With that being said, this version of the software is the very earliest stage that’s been made available as Google just released it this morning, and it’s intended for developers to have some time to work with the software and test it out so they can prepare their apps for the changes.

As Google notes that the first Android Developer Preview is intended “only” for developers it’s quite likely that there are going to be some things that may be broken or buggy, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that users can’t download and flash the system images. The software is out and available so users can get their hands on it if they wish, but they should also take note of Google’s cautionary warning that it’s not intended for daily consumer use. If that doesn’t deter you, then you’ll have a handful of different handsets and devices with which this Developer Preview supports.

Supported devices include Google’s two latest smartphones, the Pixel and the Pixel XL, and in addition to those two devices it also supports the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, as well as the Pixel C tablet and the Nexus Player. The system images for the first developer preview of Android O are available to grab for all of those devices as of now so if you’re eager to get things started it’s entirely possible to do so. If you’re planning on downloading and flashing the system image for Android O Dev Preview 1 then Google provides a handy little set of instructions to follow that will help you with the flashing process, and although this isn’t intended for daily use by consumers it could still serve as a great way to take a look inside the software and see what Android O has to offer. If users do their backups properly and make sure to save all of the data they want to keep, checking out Android O should be fairly simple, then users could just revert back to whatever software they were on before once they’re done checking out the new features. Additionally, those who have an extra device laying around that is on the compatibility list could keep the device on Dev Preview 1 and continue to see what it offers at each stage.

Download Android O Developer Preview 1