A New Leak Shows The Galaxy S8 Colors From The Back

March 20, 2017 - Written By Joshua Swingle

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 has once again appeared in a pair of renders allegedly showing off the model in both Black and Orchid Grey. Evan Blass, also known as @evleaks on Twitter, has just sent out a new pair of renders of Samsung’s upcoming flagship. Until now, most renders of the Galaxy S8 have shown off the model in Black, with an exception being the hands-on image of the device that allegedly showed the model off in Purple, and one other image which showed the device in the Silver, Black, and Orchid Grey colors but only from the front and sides. Today’s images appear to show the device sporting the same silver color seen on last year’s Galaxy S7 Edge, though some changes are present, and the phone colors can actually be seen from the back this time around.

Since the release of the Galaxy S6 back in 2015, Samsung has typically colored both the front and rear panels in the same color, therefore providing a unified design across the device. Going by today’s renders, though, they once again confirm previous rumors that the company would be using a black-colored panel across the range, independent of the color chosen. Considering the company’s choices over the past few years, this may seem like an odd move for them in terms of design but, if true, it may mean the purple handset that turned up a few days ago was, in fact, legitimate. At the time, aside from the fact that the color was such an “extravagant” one, especially for a flagship, it seemed many were skeptical due to the fact that the front panel was not the same color as the rear and frame. If today’s renders are anything to go by, though, the existence of such a model may be possible.

Considering many people are often looking to express themselves, the fact that today’s renders, along with the purple unit of the device could turn out to be legitimate would mean consumers may well be in for a surprise this year. Samsung could possibly have plans for a number of different colors. So far most rumors have pointed towards Black, Silver, Coral Blue and an Orchid Grey color all being available, so the introduction of brighter colors such as purple are sure to please the company’s more expressive customers. With only nine days left until the official announcement, though, it shouldn’t be too long before the company’s final design decision along with its color offerings are known to the public.