Withings & Nokia To Announce 'Exciting' Wearable At MWC 2017

AH Nokia Withings logo 1

Nokia and Withings have announced that they will be jointly holding this weekend’s MWC press conference. It’s been rumored for some time now that Nokia has plans to launch a number of new Android-powered smartphones at its press conference on February 26th, and the company’s teasers certainly suggested that as well. While this conference will probably focus on the smartphone side of things, Nokia does also own Withings and it makes sense to showcase their upcoming products. Withings is a company known for its connected health devices, with the company expected to join Nokia for a very “exciting Keynote announcement.”

Other than the fact that the company will be joining Nokia on stage, no details have been revealed surrounding what will be announced. Considering the fact that Withings have previously released wearable devices, and Nokia’s new focus on the platform, a new health-focused Android Wear smartwatch could be a wise move from the company, especially with Google’s focus on fitness with the latest version of the platform. This isn’t the only possibility, though, with any other fitness or health product also being possible, though considering the mobile focus of MWC and Nokia’s push with Android, it’s fair to say something Android-related is the most likely option.

No matter what ends up coming from Withings, this year’s MWC will undeniably be Nokia’s biggest, as the company is rumored to release three new smartphones during the tradeshow, the Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 8, though the company could also have some surprises up their sleeves. With under a week to go before the press conference, though, it certainly won’t be long before all is revealed in terms of Withings’ and Nokia’s plans. Nonetheless, with the possibility that Nokia could soon be entering the wearable market, as well as its new lineup of smartphones, 2017 may well be the year Nokia becomes an important player in the mobile market once again. Only time will tell what surprises and announcements the Finish company has prepared for the rest of the year and how the public will react, but as of now, it seems as if Nokia has a pretty good chance of triumphing.