Wink Android App Debuts Support For August Smart Lock

Wink Plus August

The latest update for the “Wink – Smart Home” Android app added support for the August Smart Lock, the home automation company announced on Thursday. Users can now connect Wink version with the August Smart Lock through the August Connect Wi-Fi bridge. Pairing the Wink app with August Home’s products allows you to remotely lock or unlock your door or simply monitor the August Smart Lock and its activity. The Wink app can now also send notifications when it detects that the August Smart Lock is engaged or disengaged.

Wink’s newly added support for August Home’s products also extends to Wink Shortcuts and Robots, both of which can now be used with the August Smart Lock, meaning users are able to program Shortcuts and Robots to lock or unlock their doors while simultaneously controlling other Internet of Things (IoT) devices scattered around their automated home. For example, it’s now possible to unlock your August Smart Lock, turn on the lights in your living room, and adjust the temperature in your apartment with just a single command. The main difference between Shortcuts and Robots is that the former were designed as proactive commands while the latter are intended to serve as reactive automation solutions. For example, you can use a Wink Shortcut to unlock your door and program a Robot to put on some music as soon as your home automation platform detects that your lock has been disengaged.

The Wink update which adds August Smart Lock support started rolling out on the Google Play Store on Thursday and should already be available for download worldwide. Just like its predecessors, the latest version of Wink is compatible with all devices running Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich and higher. Unfortunately, this update only adds support for the August Smart Lock and August Connect, while the August Doorbell Cam still isn’t supported by Wink. Still, this update suggests that Wink and August Home could continue collaborating in the future. Seeing how Wink is selling a comprehensive home automation platform, the company naturally strives to support as many third-party IoT devices and services as possible, so future collaborations with August Home seem likely.