Weekly Poll: Are You Signing Up For Unlimited Data With Verizon, T-Mobile Or AT&T?

The big thing over the past week seems to be unlimited data, at least in the U.S., as Verizon announced last weekend that they would be bringing back unlimited data with a new plan that they call Verizon Unlimited. While this news was particularly shocking for some as they never thought Verizon would reintroduce this plan option, Verizon wasn't riding high on this announcement by themselves for too long as T-Mobile quickly responded by altering their T-Mobile One plan to allow for HD streaming video at whatever resolution is coming from the provider of the content. AT&T also recently announced that they too would be introducing a new unlimited data plan that would be available to all subscribers, and it their plan starts today while Verizon's started on Monday, and T-Mobile's started earlier on in the week as well. Now that all three plans are available are you considering bumping up to unlimited or switching carriers to get it?

All three plan options certainly seem to have their perks. On the one hand, Verizon is the number one carrier in the U.S. and they offer wide coverage just about everywhere, which is part of why they have been able to remain the number one carrier for so long. AT&T though is no slouch when it comes to coverage, and their new plan is offering a similar set of features to customers who choose to move over to it from their existing monthly plans. As for T-Mobile, they're still the leader in value for wireless service when it comes to the bigger U.S. carriers and now with the change to streaming HD video, things have gotten even better for their customers.

All three plans offer up plenty of 4G LTE data speed usage throughout the monthly cycle, with Verizon being the lowest at 22GB a month, after which is slows down. The same happens for AT&T but at 23GB a month, and for T-Mobile this limit is set to 28GB, so when it comes to data use, if having LTE is what you're most concerned about then T-Mobile gives you more of it. It isn't just about unlimited data though. A big thing with Verizon's plan and one thing that has been a pain point for some with T-Mobile is HD video streaming. Once Verizon came out and stated they would allow users to stream their videos at whatever the resolution was available from the provider of that content, then T-Mobile promptly had to match it by allowing the same thing, although customers can still downscale it to 480p if they want to. Of course there is also cost to consider, with T-Mobile being the lowest of the three at $70 a month, then moving to Verizon at $80, while AT&T is the most at $100. Which unlimited plan are you planning on signing up for?

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