Webpass Heads To Denver, Picks Up New General Manager


Webpass, a multi-regional internet service provider that was scooped up by Google not too long ago, announced today that they have begun rolling out their gigabit internet service in Denver, Colorado, and have hired a new local manager, Roger Fitch, to help them do so. Webpass has already decided on the first apartment complex that they're planning on bringing coverage out to, and have put up an office in the area to run their operations from. Fitch, a 30-year telecom industry veteran, will be heading up Webpass' Denver operations from that office, deciding things like where coverage should go, who to hire and fire, and how the local branch's budget should look. In all these tasks, he will be answerable directly to Webpass CEO Charles Barr.

While they're using traditional ethernet lines to reach customers for the time being, Webpass is aping Google Fiber in that they're working on point to point and fixed wireless solutions that will allow them to serve customers without having to break ground, sign contracts with local providers, or mess around with current communications stations within the city. This goal is reportedly a long way out in Denver, though; right now, they're working on retooling their local and remote data center stacks to support a fully wireless operation, and have yet to start laying out the hardware in any meaningful fashion.

For the time being, Webpass is only available to apartments, businesses and the like, and won't be building out to single family residential properties for some time, if at all. On the bright side, however, since they're Google-owned, anywhere Webpass goes, Google Fiber can go in the future; selling Webpass in an area is, after all, an easy way to drum up both interest and funding that would justify a proper rollout of Google Fiber in a given area. While Google Fiber has put plans to expand temporarily on hold, Webpass will continue expanding outward, targeting major metropolitan areas first, and serving as a guide and scout of sorts for Google Fiber. Webpass still operates somewhat independently, of course, which gives them a degree of freedom and control in choosing their target areas and getting things set up.

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