Video: Hands-On With The Sony Xperia Touch Projector


While there are plenty of new smartphones, tablets and smart watches at Mobile World Congress this year, sometimes there are new gadgets that are just too cool not to talk about. Sony has debuted one such gadget like this, and it’s curiously called the Xperia Touch. While the name Xperia Touch is a bit ambiguous and doesn’t quite tell you everything about the product, seeing the Xperia Touch in action might just seal the deal if you’re willing to pay the price for this amazing projector. Starting with the sophisticated looking metal body, the Xperia Touch features an always-on speaker with Google Assistant that gives you the same abilities you’ll find on something like a Google Home, or the competing Amazon Echo.

Sony is powering the Xperia Touch with full Android 7.0 Nougat, meaning full access to the Play Store in addition to the hoard of apps and games that delivers. The Xperia Touch features a short-throw projector on the front side of the unit, which shoots down at around a 45-degree angle. This allows the Xperia Touch to display its 720p image at a size of anywhere between 23-inches and 80-inches depending on how far away from the surface you place it. Angling the projector on any table or wall is possible thanks to the auto adjusting and auto focusing projection, but what exactly is a fully Android-powered projector good for? Sony answers that question with the way you interact with the Xperia Touch; simply by touching the projected image as if it were a smartphone or tablet.

Incredibly enough, the Xperia Touch features a 10-point multi-touch projected image that can be interacted with exactly as you might imagine. Project the image on your kitchen counter for each access to recipes, how-to videos and whatever else you can imagine. Throw it on the dining room table and play games like chess, Battleship or Fruit Ninja with your friends and family. You can of course project it on the wall too and use it as a regular movie or TV watching experience if you want. The Xperia Touch is powered by a battery rated at 1-hour of use too, so it can also be brought along trips and enjoyed for a bit before needing a top up. See it in action in our video below!