How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S8


'If you are planning to buy Samsung' new flagship, the Galaxy S8, or already own one, and it's locked on a specific network, you're in the right place, as today we're going to talk about the easiest way of unlocking it, so you can use it with any carrier around the world, anytime you want!

Besides this, if you unlock your Samsung Galaxy S8, you will also have the following advantages:

  • You will be able to avoid expensive roaming fees when traveling, by using a local SIM
  • You will be able to sell your phone quicker, since it can be used on any network
  • You will be able to ask for a bigger price, since potential buyers won't have to pay extra money to unlock it all by themselves

Sounds pretty good, right? Here's how you can do it:


As you probably know, there are a few methods which you can use to unlock your Galaxy S8, but there's no doubt that unlocking it by code is the easiest and most popular options!

You don't need any special software or cables, nor technical knowledge, since the process is very simple and takes just a few minutes. Everything you need to do is follow these three steps:

Look for an online code provider


There are quite a few services able to provide a Samsung Galaxy S8 unlock code, but you should opt for a trustworthy one! For example, or are some of the best options you have right now, fact proven by the huge amount of positive reviews they received from previous clients!

Place your order

After deciding upon a service, you need to provide the following details about your phone:


  • IMEI: it can be found by dialing *#06# and it's very important to provide the correct one, since the unlock code is calculated based on it.
  • The name of the network on which your phone is locked: Be very careful with this aspect! A lot of people select the network on which they're planning to use the phone, which is wrong!
  • A valid email address: Finally, this is where you will receive the code.

After completing the order form, proceed to payment.

Note: If you prefer, you can also place the order directly from your phone, using the UnlockScope app.


Insert the code

After an hour or so, you will receive an email with the unlock code, as well as additional instructions on how to use it. The delivery time varies, depending on how difficult to process your IMEI is.

Now, insert a SIM from an unsupported network, other than the one you're currently using, and you should see a message like "SIM Network Unlock PIN", as well as a designated field for the unlock code. Simply type the code you received and tap the "Unlock" button. In a few moments, you will see the "Unlock successful" message, meaning that your phone can now be used in any network around the world!


Simple as that.

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