Unannounced LG 'L63BL' Phone Lands At The FCC


An unannounced LG phone with the model number L63BL has landed at the FCC, with LG handing over test information, a diagram showing where the label will go, a few specifications, and not much else. The Class II Cover Letter that LG sent to the FCC denotes that this device is identical to one that had been certified previously, but with a few changes to the PCB. The handset in question is geared for GSM, WCDMA, and LTE bands, including bands in the 850, ,1700, and 1900, with LTE bands unlisted on the application. This means that the phone in question could pop up just about anywhere, but those bands are most commonly used in the United States. LG also included a confidentiality request letter. The block diagram, schematics, and operational descriptions of the phone are to remain permanently confidential, while photos of the device and its user manual will be unveiled when the device is released.

Tests on the device were conducted in a special facility hand in hand with PCTEST. The phone in question passed all of its network and interference tests with flying colors, leaving no bugs to work out on the hardware end and meaning that the phone is likely quite close to release. The model number does not match up to any currently announced LG phones, or even come somewhat close, which means that this could be a one-off device or a member of a whole new family. Interestingly, a Google search of the model number turns up a picture of an LG phone for Walmart's US Straight Talk service which does not appear on the web page, even on the cached version. A similar result can be observed with Net 10. Tracfone, on the other hand, has a picture of the phone listed on a section of their website, but gives no further information. Given the phone's US bands, these three budget carriers are indeed possible destinations. Still, it's far too early to tell with any certainty whether this is the same device. Regardless, an image is included below courtesy of Straight Talk and should be taken with a grain of salt.

The device looks a bit like the older Optimus G Pro, but due to the small image, it's quite hard to make out any details aside from the lack of a physical home button and what looks to be a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on the bottom of the device. The interface screenshot, which may be a placeholder, looks a lot like the one found on other low-end LG prepaid phones, so it's anybody's guess what version of Android this phone may be running, although it looks like it could be Android Marshmallow judging by the navigation buttons. It is easy to assume that this will be a budget device, but these budget carriers do occasionally get somewhat higher end devices.


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