The SMART Z Printer Moto Mod Prints Images From The Moto Z


SMART Z Printer is a Moto Mod concept for the Moto Z family of devices that has now shown up on Indiegogo. The general principle with this particular Moto Mod is that Moto Z device owners will be able to print images anywhere they are. As is usually the case with a Moto Mod, all of the magic is happening once the rear case for the Moto Z family of smartphones is changed and replaced with the SMART Z Printer Mod. At which point, the Indiegogo description states that a user can simply take a photo, select the print option and a phone-sized image will be printed from the back of the device.

At the moment, this is just a concept listing on Indiegogo and so the listing does not go into much detail on the technology or how the Moto Mod will actually work. However, they are accepting backers and the listing does state that early bird backers will receive their SMART Z Printer by (estimated) October 2017. With that sort of timeline in place, it does seem as though the team behind this Moto Mod are pretty confident they can deliver this quickly from a concept to a product. The early backer price is currently set at $59.99 which equates to a 40-percent discount off what the team expects to be a $99.99 retail price.

Team One Technology is the company behind this Moto Mod concept and this is not actually the only Moto Mod they are working on. As Team One Technology also has a SMART Z Wallet currently listed on Indiegogo. The difference with that particular Mod is that the user can replace the back of their Moto Z device with a wallet-type back which allows them to store their cards, cash and other smaller, but essential, aspects. That Mod also comes with a similar early bird price and is estimated to become available round about the same time. Those interested in checking out the SMART Z Printer or backing the project, can do so by heading through the link below. Although, as is true with any crowd-funded product, there is always the chance that it will not come to fruition so those considering backing, will be doing so at their own risk.

SMART Z Printer (Indiegogo)

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