The LG X230DS Smartphone Heads To The FCC


LG recently passed an unannounced device called the X230DS through the FCC. The device is not shown much, aside from the back of the device where the FCC label is to be placed, but a few facts about the device are revealed with the little bit of information given. For starters, this device will have a removable battery, and the FCC logo will be located underneath the battery. The battery will also ship outside of the phone, residing inside the box and ensuring that the customer has to see the FCC labeling when they open up the device to install the battery for the first time.

As for other facts about the phone, we can ascertain just a bit from the design and the model number. For starters, the DS suffix might indicate a dual sim device as it appears that there may be a SIM card-shaped cutout up at the top-left of the device that seems to combine with another cutout at the corner. It's likely that the device will at least sport two SIM slots in Brazil, thanks to an image in the FCC filings. At the bottom, you can see what appears to be a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. The bulk of the model number alludes to it being a variant of the low-end LG X230, an upcoming budget smartphone from the South Korean giant.

The LG X230 is itself largely shrouded in mystery at the moment, aside from the fact that its model number pegs it as a lower-end version of the LG X300. Logically, one could easily assume that it will bear a resemblance to its inspiration, cosmetically, while a recent Geekbench run which can be seen below indicates that the phone has only 1 gigabyte of RAM, alongside a low-end MediaTek processor. The device also seems to be running Android 6.0 (Marshmallow), as opposed to Android 7.0 (Nougat), which is starting to hit some devices coming off of assembly lines and is making its way to many older devices via updates. If the Geekbench test indeed showed off a final or near-final model of the phone, the use of Marshmallow may well have been down to software optimizations from LG specially built for the lower Android version.



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