The Edge Moto Mod Passes 40% Of Its Funding Goal In Two Days


Lenovo and Motorola's Moto Z and its Moto Mod ecosystem are getting a new Mod called Edge that brings rich LED notifications to the sides of your phone, eliminating the need to unlock the device to see what a notification is, and adding a pop of color to an otherwise pretty, but mostly colorless device. Perhaps the most impressive part about the Edge Moto Mod is that it's only been on indiegogo for two days and it has already surpassed 40% of its funding goal. Edge comes with a companion app that allows for in-depth customization of your notifications; you can set up notification actions for just about any event or notification, and set up colors and patterns as desired for it. The mod is expected to be out around July of this year at the latest, and currently sports price tags of either $55 or $59, depending on how soon you jump on the project, since the $49 option has already sold out all 50 of its slots.

The companion app for Edge lets you set up notification events for almost anything, and gives you options to completely customize the colors you'll see and the pattern those colors will follow, with four different patterns available. Naturally, you can also set colors to pulse while the device is idle. Colors can flow together, follow one another, fill the entire LED strip, and follow one after the other in a pipeline. The Mod is also available in two flavors. The Air version enables wireless charging, a feature sorely missing from the stock Moto Z, while the Force version addresses another Moto Z pain point by adding 2,000mAh to your total battery life.

This Mod came as a result of Lenovo and Indiegogo's "Transform The Smartphone" contest, and is competing with other mods for funding and creative help from Lenovo. This idea is already past the initial stage, and can move on or be dropped at this point depending on the interest shown on Indiegogo. Should the project meet its goal, it will move on to the next phase of the contest and get a chance to appeal to, and possibly work with, the creators of the Moto Z. If it does not meet its goal, like any other Indiegogo campaign, backers will receive refunds, and the mod and its makers will be dropped from the contest.


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