Teaser Suggests 'Less Artificial & More Intelligent' LG G6


According to a new promotional teaser doing the rounds from LG, the LG G6 will be 'more intelligent, but less artificial'. Evidently, this is a play on the notion that most flagship smartphones do currently come with some form of artificial intelligence (AI) on board. The likes of the Google Pixel make use of the Google Assistant, while the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 is rumored to make use of its own artificial intelligence assistant, Bixby.

However, the teaser itself does not provide too much in the way of details on how intelligent the LG G6 will be. Rumors so far have linked the LG G6 to the Google Assistant, although the smartphone has also been linked to Amazon's AI assistant option, Alexa. So there is every possibility that it could come with one, the other, or even both. While the latter (both) would suggest it is "more intelligent", the inclusion of both the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa would be hard to explain as "less artificial". In either case though, it does stand to reason that the LG G6 will make a play as being a 'smart' device. If not, an 'even smarter' device than most of the current crop of AI assistant-enabled smartphones.

Of course, the other, and probably less likely option, is that the LG G6 will come with its own homegrown AI assistant in play. This certainly could fit in with the LG G6 being "more intelligent" (if that is the angle LG pushes its own assistant as) and depending on how the assistant acquires its intelligence, might also satisfy the "less artificial" requirements. Not to mention, this might also satisfy the "next generation smartphone, brought to you first by LG" statement, which comes attached to this latest teaser. Although, following the assumption that the LG G6 could come running with support for both the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, this could also justify such a statement – as up until now the trend has been for all major smartphones to lean one way or the other. Either way and pending any further leaks on this, it does seem as though the industry will have to wait until LG's MWC 2017 press event to find out how intelligent the LG G6 really is.

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