T-Mobile's 2nd Super Bowl Ad Stars Martha Stewart & Snoop Dogg


T-Mobile seems to have picked up two of America's biggest figureheads, rap legend Snoop Dogg and homemaking legend Martha Stewart, for their Super Bowl ad. Super Bowl 51 is almost upon us, and it's common knowledge that the Super Bowl is the time to pull out all the stops and put out the most iconic, memorable, and downright outrageous advertising you can possibly imagine. T-Mobile plans to harness the power of the phenomenon that had us all shouting 'whazzap' at each other for over a decade, hand in hand with the two incredibly recognizable entertainers mentioned above, but they're keeping quiet on exactly what to expect. A GIF image on their Newsroom post about it, featured below, seems to imply that Snoop and Martha are quite excited to be working together on this ad, a sentiment that Martha has echoed on Twitter, while Snoop has yet to comment publicly.

For those who don't know, Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart have a good amount of history. The pair have been friends and entertainment partners for a number of years now, with Snoop even appearing on Martha's cooking show at one point, and Martha specifically trying to summon Snoop into her 2014 Reddit AMA. In the same AMA, Martha actually expressed a wish to be closer to Snoop. Their chemistry is just one thing we have to look forward to in what promises to be one of the better ads this Super Bowl, which is really saying something, considering the competition. A dash of T-Mobile's signature maverick spirit may just bring this ad near, or even to, the top.

T-Mobile's advertising and aggressive PR campaigns in recent years have been genuinely unique and entertaining. Before the big Un-Carrier announcement at CES this year, for example, T-Mobile put out a preview ad that mimicked old video games, showing T-Mobile execs as pixelated heroes fighting the evils of the industry. With huge names like Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart on the scene, fans of the Un-Carrier's past ad campaigns, as well as fans of both entertainment icons's exploits down the years and their team efforts, have a lot to look forward to this Sunday. Fans of Justin Bieber are also in for a treat.


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