T-Mobile Matches Verizon's Unlimited With New Promo Pricing


T-Mobile has announced a few improvements to their T-Mobile ONE unlimited plan, as well as a special pricing promotion for that same plan, in direct response to Verizon reviving their unlimited plan. Released on Twitter by T-Mobile CEO John Legere, the new tweaks to the T-Mobile ONE plan all but supplant the upgraded T-Mobile ONE Plus option by offering free HD video streaming, and upping the 3 gigabytes of tethering offered to the same 10 gigabytes on offer with Verizon's more expensive plan. T-Mobile has also knocked the price of 2 lines on T-Mobile ONE to $100 from $120, though the pricing for other plans is not affected. Magenta also put out an infographic showing their plan prices and specs against Big Red's. The newly revamped T-Mobile ONE plan will become available on Friday, which is also when existing customers on T-Mobile ONE plans will see the changes go live for them.

In their infographic, T-Mobile goes over their prices for their T-Mobile ONE plans, showing how people who want a large family plan and individuals will both pay less on the Un-Carrier, with taxes and fees included. They go on to compare the features of the plans, showing that customers get the same amount of tethering data on both sides of the fence, while T-Mobile customers actually get more data in Mexico and Canada while roaming, and showing off the fact that T-Mobile give customers a free hour of GoGo In-Flight Wi-Fi with unlimited texting. As a side note, while Verizon customers have to pay with cash, a debit card, or a checking account, T-Mobile customers have the option of using a credit card.

This entire development started, according to Legere, with Verizon losing their advantage over T-Mobile in OpenSignal's recent network report, which Verizon directly responded to. Legere asserts that T-mobile's network parity and better prices, as well as unlimited data, forced Verizon to compete in the feature arena, and thus bring back unlimited data. In the press release regarding the changes to T-Mobile ONE, Legere said that T-Mobile has made of a habit of bringing other carriers around "kicking and screaming" to embrace the trends that they set in the wireless industry. On that note, Legere promised that the next industry-wide trend will be the abolition of separate taxes and fees on customers' bills.


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