Study: Android Users Engage More, iOS Users Buy More

For app developers and marketers, retaining users is a pretty hard task to accomplish. And it appears that after about a week, only 10% of users are still actively using an app that they installed. When it comes to 30 days later, that number drops to just 5%. A new study from Apps Flyer finds that Android users are actually more engaging than iOS users, while those on iOS are more likely to buy than to engage. Which actually makes a whole lot of sense, when it comes to figuring out why developers target iOS before Android, despite Android having a much larger market share.

Another interesting tidbit from this report is the fact that users actually engage more with apps that they downloaded from ads and such, rather than those that they downloaded because they found it on the Google Play Store. But when it comes to spending money on apps (in-app purchases, buying the pro or full version, etc), Android users are 4% more likely to spend money on incentivized apps, whereas iOS users are 25% more likely to do so. The report also found that cities where big tech companies like Google, Apple and Amazon call home, users are actually a bit less likely to engage with a specific app. Actually they are about 30% less likely to engage with an app. Which is actually a pretty big number, in the grand scheme of things. The report found that those in cities like Salt Lake City, Kansas City and Omaha, are more likely to engage in apps and actually use them for longer periods of time.

Now, there is that stereotype that Android users are cheap, but here's another interesting one when it comes to being cheap. Latin America is actually the cheapest, when it comes to in-app purchases. With the average being 0.07 in-app lifetime purchases per one install over the course of 90 days - and that is across both Android and iOS. Coming close behind Latin America is India. Latin America and India also have the lowest install-to-buyer ratio of 0.41% and 0.84% respectively. If you are interested in this full report from Apps Flyer, you can check out the link down below for all of the details.

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