Snapchat Makes Spectacles Available to Everyone in the US


Last year, Snapchat introduced Spectacles, these are their glasses that have a camera built in, allowing you to send stuff straight from your glasses to your Snapchat story. It's pretty impressive, and a lot like Google Glass, but much cheaper. Snap (the parent company of Snapchat), has been selling Spectacles through vending machines called "Snap Bots" throughout the US. They would pop up in random places, with Snap not really telling people where or when they would be there. Now that has all changed. Starting today, Spectacles are available to buy online to everyone in the US. Unfortunately, they still aren't available outside of the US.

Spectacles are available in three colors, Coral, black and teal. They will set you back about $129 which is a whole lot cheaper than Google Glass was, but still may seem a bit pricey, especially to those that are not big Snapchat users. According to the site, shipping is set to about 2-4 weeks right now. This is likely due to everyone attempting to order their Spectacles at the same time, and Snap not having enough inventory to keep up. It should get better in the very near future though. So it may be worth holding off for a few weeks to put your order in.

Snapchat has grown to become a pretty popular social network in the past few years, even getting more users than Facebook when it comes to video. In fact, Facebook had made an offer to Snapchat not too long ago. Of course, Snapchat declined the offer (which led to Zuckerberg basically creating Snapchat inside of Instagram) and that was that. Snapchat is getting ready to go public and releasing Spectacles online for everyone before their IPO is definitely a good idea, especially if they are looking to make it a huge success. Snapchat is free, and Spectacles will cost you $129. Keep in mind that Spectacles are not required to actually use Snapchat, but it does make it a bit easier to really allow your followers to see everything from your perspective. You can pick up a pair of Spectacles from the link down below.


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