Samsung Trademarks The Name 'Galaxy J7 Sky Pro'

Samsung Logo AH 2

According to a new trademark filing in the US, Samsung may be preparing the launch of a new Galaxy J7 Sky Pro. Samsung is yet to launch the new Galaxy J (2017) lineup yet, so the trademark could hint at an upcoming version of the 2017 Galaxy J7, though what the differences are between the two remain to be seen. The “Pro” in the name hints towards a slightly more powerful version while the “Sky” points towards a possible blue color, meaning the device may well be a limited edition of the Galaxy J7 (2017), though this is simply speculation. The meaning behind the name could be something entirely different, perhaps tied into a specific carrier promotion, though until the device is made official there is no way of knowing its exact meaning.

Samsung’s Galaxy J line is expected to be extremely popular this year, with the company even rumored to have set an internal sales goal of 100 million units for the lineup, largely thanks to growth in territories such as India and China. Not all depends on these territories, though, and Samsung is sure to be pushing sales of the lineup in the US for those looking for a budget smartphone. By bringing limited edition smartphones for certain carrier events or by introducing more powerful variants the company may well be able to push these sales even more in order to reach their goal. Either way, the Galaxy J line isn’t the company’s only lineup, with the company also reported to have set an internal goal of 20 million units for its mid-range Galaxy A (2017) line.

Undoubtedly most of the company’s attention will be on this year’s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 lines, with the former expected to bring some pretty big changes in terms of design and a number of improvements when it comes to internals. It’ll remain to be seen what Samsung’s overall strategy ends up being for the year, especially when it comes to pushing lower end Galaxy J devices in markets such as the US. With carrier promotions being such an important aspect, the company will surely not shy away from offering any limited editions, discounts or bundles over the course of the year.